Easily host your own private event

Team bonding floral workshop with real flowers either in-person or virtual

At Petal+Eon, we specialize in hosting private events. Our floral workshops are perfect for team building and group bonding, making them ideal for both corporate and personal events like birthday parties, bridal showers, reunions, and more. We work alongside your group and keep your activities running smoothly, making it as relaxing as possible for everyone involved.

Working together to build a flower arrangement is a lot of fun, and everyone gets to leave with something beautiful that they made at the end. But, planning a special event can be stressful. This is why we do everything we can to take the stress out of party planning, so that you can focus solely on the fun part – spending quality time with your guests!

Custom landing page

Do you have a lot of guests coming to your event but don’t know their personal information, like shipping details? What about people’s individual color preferences or price sensitivities?

When you decide to host an event with Petal+Eon, we take away all of that confusion and hassle by creating a custom landing page – directly on our website – for your group only. On this page, everyone in your group can choose which floral kit they want to purchase (including in the color scheme of their choice), buy the kit directly, and upload their shipping information. This means that all you have to do is send them the link after we have created the page.

Not looking to give your guests so much flexibility? That works with us too! We are very flexible and accommodate *almost all* preferences. For example, you can decide that everyone in your group is getting the same floral kit and pay for everything yourself up front. The custom landing page will be just where the guests input their shipping information.

Or, if you prefer, you can collect all the information yourself and send it to us directly. You choose!

Door-to-door shipping

Great news – Petal+Eon offers door-to-door shipping of all of our floral kits! Here’s how it works: after ordering your kit, our team carefully packages each and every individual flower, ensuring they don’t get damaged in transit. Petal+Eon also offers global shipping, so don’t worry if some of your guests live in Connecticut and the others in Canada – we got you covered!

When your Petal+Eon box arrives at your doorstep, everything you need to build your beautiful, preserved floral arrangement is included in the box. And because we only use real, preserved petals, the flowers will remain beautiful in the box for two years at room temperature. This means if you are someone who likes to plan in advance, you can order and ship the boxes well-ahead of your workshop – without any worries of the flowers going “bad” in the box.

Location, location, location

Petal+Eon will create a unique experience to meet the needs of your group. 2020 found us hosting virtual-only workshops.  However as the world begins to go back to “normal,” so are we. Today, we can offer three types of workshops

  • 100% virtual: you, your guests, us...everyone is “workshopping” from home. This is the type of workshop we have mastered this past year. After confirming your event, we will send you and all participants a Zoom link which everyone will log into the day/time of your event.
  • 100% IRL: you read that right – we are beginning to offer in-person workshops for people living in select destinations (i.e. NYC, CT, Philadelphia, NJ). Depending on where the workshop will be, we will work with you to figure out the logistics well in advance to ensure there is only smooth-sailing when everyone arrives.
  • 50-50: We are a small (but rapidly growing!) company, so we aren’t able to host in-person workshops across the country – yet. However, we can offer you another option: if you want to get your group together, we can instruct the class over Zoom while everyone in your party arranges together in a destination of your choice! And, because we can ship up to 8 floral kits to the same destination for only $10, this makes this option even more convenient/affordable.

Playing and working with flowers is a great way to have fun and engage with your friends, family, and co-workers. Contact us today at info@petaleon.com and we’ll help build the perfect event to meet your needs, timelines, and budget!