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A Petal+Eon virtual flower arranging workshop is a one-of-a-kind group bonding experience with patented technology that makes it easy for everyone to create an arrangement with no skill required. This hands-on, 45-60-minute virtual experience encourages fun group interaction and relaxation.  In addition, Petal+Eon florists make the workshop informative by covering floral design techniques, preserved flower technology and related global trends.  Everyone will “express their personality with flowers” and each arrangement will look unique.  Best of all, the eco-friendly, 100% preserved flowers will last ~2 years without water – you can’t kill them!  

  • See the above brochure for options, pricing and answers to most questions.

  • Pricing is based on the number of attendees.

  • All supplies are shipped in advance ("Floral Kits").

  • Plan at least 10 days in advance to allow time for shipping.

  • Each participant can be at a different address anywhere in the U.S. (international shipping will cost extra).

  • The host can pay for all participants or each participant can pay separately.

  • Email if you have questions or want to plan your workshop.  Please provide your desired date and the expected number of participants.

Thank you for your interest!