Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q: How many days in advance should I plan a workshop? We recommend you plan at least 8 business days in advance (which gives us plenty of time to ship all participants their floral kits).  But we can do expediting shipping if needed for an additional charge.

Q: How much will the event cost? We charge for each kit shipped and for shipping (there are no additional charges for taxes).  See pricing by vase size below.  Note the below shipping price of $12 includes up to 4 kits shipped to a single address.  For virtual workshops, there is no additional charge for live instruction by a Petal+Eon florist.  For in-person workshops, there is a $150 transportation and services charge.

*We ship globally, but the $12 only applies to the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

Q: Does each attendee (guest) pay separately? The organizer has the option to pre-pay for everyone or let each guest pay themselves (or subsidize the cost for guests).  Creating a Customer Landing Page makes it easy for each guest to pay separately.

Q: How and when do I pay?  We will email you an invoice and you can pay using any credit card.  Or, we can provide bank details or an address to send checks.  We usually wait until the RSVP deadline before emailing the invoice because often the guest count changes prior to that.  We ask you please pay prior to the workshop.

Q: Which vase size should I choose for my guests? We recommend the Medium size for corporate events because it's more substantial in size with larger flowers.  However, the experience is similar for all vase sizes and the workshop duration/content does not change depending on the vase size.

Q: Which flower color scheme do you recommend? Everyone has different tastes and the decision is seasonal, but the Champagne color scheme is the most universal and easiest to arrange.  Pink or Pink/Violet is recommended for baby showers, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. The Holiday color scheme is recommended around Christmas time.

Q: Does each person get to choose their flower colors and vase type/size? The organizer decides what to offer.  The organizer can choose the flower color scheme and vase style for everyone or let each guest decide for themselves.  The Custom Landing Page makes it easy for guests to make their selections.  We recommend organizers choose one vase size for each event.

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.? Yes, we have done virtual workshops in Canada, Europe, Bermuda, Australia, among other countries.  Often, some guests will be in the U.S. and others in other countries.  For shipping outside the U.S., often companies will choose to use their own FedEx/UPS account.

Q: How many guests do you recommend? Our workshops can host anywhere from 3 - 100 people, and each person can have their own shipping address. We ship globally.

Q: Does the workshop require any skill?  Absolutely not!  We even host workshops for 6-year-olds! Our trained florists will provide you with all the hands-on instruction you need to create a beautiful arrangement.

Q: Will men enjoy the workshop? YES!  In our experience, we have found that floral arranging is definitely NOT just for the ladies - men really enjoy creating a lasting memory and gift for a significant other

Q: Can I organize a fundraiser? Of course! We can provide you with the option to add a surcharge per floral kit in order to raise funds for your charity or not-for-profit of choice. Tip: a guest speaker will increase turnout.

Q: I now cannot attend a Petal+Eon workshop I registered for.  What can I do? Email and we can reschedule you for a different date.

Q: Are the flowers real flowers or fake? All the flowers are REAL, ECO-FRIENDLY flowers PRESERVED in peak bloom to look and feel like fresh flowers for 2 years.  We believe preserved flowers look more natural, colorful, and beautiful than silk, dried or artificial flowers.  

Q: How are Eon Flowers preserved? Eon Flowers are real, eco-friendly flowers that are organically treated in a glycerin and silica solution for 2 to 4 weeks to look and feel like fresh flowers for 2 years.  

Q: Where do the Eon Flowers come from? Petal+Eon brings 10+ types of preserved flowers from all over the world to each workshop.  Most of the flowers are grown in Ecuador, Columbia, Japan, California, and Korea.  Usually, the flowers are preserved near where they were grown. 

Q: Preserved flower maintenance: You can't kill them!  You CANNOT water the flowers and they do not need sunlight.  Room temperature is best, but the flowers do great anywhere between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Limited humidity is best - we do NOT recommend you put your flower arrangement in a bathroom.  Direct sunlight may reduce the flower life if it's so much sunlight as to heat up the flowers.

Q: How long can the flowers remain in the box? Up to 2 years at room temperature.

Q: Safety precautions: (1) Do not eat or put Eon Flowers in your mouth, and consult a medical professional if ingested; the flowers are not toxic but they are not edible; (2) keep away from children and pets because small pieces may cause choking; and (3) keep away from open flames; may be flammable.

Q: Can people be allergic to preserved flowers? A: Usually not because MOST of the pollen is removed during the preservation process.  After hundreds of workshops, no customer has ever reported allergies, but we cannot guarantee the flowers are hypoallergenic.  However, sometimes we used some dried flowers in certain Floral Kits, and these could cause allergies.

Q: Where does the name Petal+Eon come from?  Think flower PETALS that last an EON (2 years is an eon for flowers).

Q: Can I use my own vase? Yes! Let us know the dimensions of the vase you'd like to use and we'll send you the foam and flowers to fill it.  Note that cutting foam gets messy and requires an Exacto knife.