Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q: Are the flowers real flowers or fake?

A: All flowers are REAL, ECO-FRIENDLY flowers PRESERVED in peak bloom to look and feel like fresh flowers for a year.  We believe preserved flowers look more natural, colorful, and beautiful than silk, dried or artificial flowers.  

Q: I ordered a Petal+Eon Floral Kit.  How long can it stay in the box safely?

A: Up to 2 years!  That's why we love preserved flowers.

Q: How do I take care of Eon Flowers (the preserved flowers at Petal+Eon workshops)?

A: You do NOT need to water Eon Flowers and they do NOT need sunlight.  Room temperature is best, but the flowers do great anywhere between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Limited humidity is best - we do NOT recommend you put your flower arrangement in a bathroom.  Direct sunlight may reduce the life of Eon Flowers, especially if it's so much sunlight as to heat up the flowers.

Safety precautions: (1) Do not eat or put Eon Flowers in your mouth, and consult a medical professional if ingested; (2) Keep away from children and pets because small pieces may cause choking; and (3) Keep away from open flames; may be flammable.

Q: I now cannot attend a Petal+Eon workshop I registered for. What can I do?

A: Email and we can reschedule you for a different date.

Q: Where does the name Petal+Eon come from?

A: Think flower PETALS that last an EON (a year is an eon for real flowers).

Q: How are Eon Flowers preserved?

A: Eon Flowers are real, eco-friendly flowers that are organically treated in a glycerin and silica solution for 2 to 4 weeks to look and feel like fresh flowers for a year.  Petal+Eon brings 15+ types of preserved flowers to each workshop, and each type (and size) of flower is organically treated in a slightly different manner.

Q: Where do the Eon Flowers come from?

A: Petal+Eon brings 15+ types of preserved flowers from all over the world to each workshop.  Most of the flowers are grown in Ecuador, Columbia, Japan, California, and Korea.  Usually, the flowers are preserved near where they were grown, though many of the Eon Flowers were preserved in Japan.  In our opinion, Japan has the most cutting edge flower preservation technology.

Q: Can people be allergic to preserved flowers?

A: Usually not because most of the pollen is removed during the preservation process.  Sometimes we used dried flowers in certain Floral Kits, and these could cause allergies, but we have never heard this from a customer.  If you are concerned, email us and we'll make sure to only use preserved flowers in your arrangement.