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About Petal+Eon


Think: Preserved flower petals that last eons (1+ years)

Events:  Petal+Eon organizes events to "Make Your Own Bouquet That Lasts 1+ Years" with our Eon Flowers.  These bouquets will liven up your home or office, plus they make the perfect gift to "wow" your special someone for 1+ years.  See the Events page for a list of our upcoming events.  Contact Us to organize a private event for your club, friends, or company today!

Kits:  Petal+Eon also sells Eon Flower bouquets online as kits that provide a customized, DIY experience ("do it yourself").  Each kit includes Eon Flowers, a flower vase, and a curated selection of decorative preserved flowers, dried flowers, foliage, and moss.  Petal+Eon ships these kits anywhere in the U.S.

Eon Flowers are real flowers that were preserved in peak bloom to maintain their ideal shape and color for 1+ years with proper care.  Eon Flowers do not require water or sunlight and only contain non-toxic materials.

Petal+Eon bouquets require minimal time to assemble due to the innovative (and patent pending) Petal+Eon flower fasteners.  These flower fasteners ship attached to the Eon Flowers so you can quickly stick the Eon Flowers into the floral foam inside each vase - no wires, glue, tape, or tools required!