Our Mission:

Feeling connected with friends and family is even more important and challenging during these chaotic times.  For your next group chat, we believe a Petal+Eon workshop will help you connect in a way that will feel novel, fun, creative and tangible.  When the workshop ends, the one-of-a-kind floral arrangement you create will last 1-2 years and the memories will last much longer.

What we do:

Petal+Eon hosts floral arrangement workshops with eco-friendly flowers that last 1-2 years. This DIY experience features many types of preserved REAL flowers—not just roses!—that do not require water or sunlight. Even if you lack artistic skill, our patent-pending DIY technology makes it fun and relaxing to design a beautiful arrangement while socializing in a fun atmosphere.

We have partnered with Creative Arts Therapists to develop wellness-related workshops to help reduce STRESS, ANXIETY and JUDGMENTAL FEELINGS.  Click here for details.

We support important causes:
Petal+Eon is proud to brighten up the day of radiation oncology patients at The Mount Sinai Hospital by hosting a complimentary floral workshop for these patients. The loving memory of Vicky Fagerlie inspired this program.  Please donate a floral arrangement for the next free workshop by clicking here

Petal+Eon has also raised funds for the CityKids Foundation and donated floral bouquets with Tanya Taylor to a women's shelter named WIN 91st Street as part of International Women's Day.

Our name: 

Pronounced "petal and eon."  Think: preserved flower petals that last an "eon" (a year is an eon for flowers).  

A Petal+Eon flower bar haiku:

Joyful, calming art
Each flower adds meaning and
Beauty for eons

Petal+Eon preserved flower options

Petal+Eon floral arrangements require minimal time to assemble due to the innovative (and patent-pending) flower fasteners - no wires, glue, tape, or tools required!