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About Petal+Eon

Make a DIY floral bouquet.  Make it personal.  Make it last.

Petal+Eon: preserved flower petals that last eons (1+ years)

Events:  Petal+Eon hosts public and private events to “Make a DIY floral arrangement that lasts a year.”  At these DIY workshops, you will select and arrange 15+ types of real flowers preserved in peak bloom.  For an entire year, your personalized arrangement will remind you of the event and liven up your home or office (or gift it).  No skills required.  Come alone, bring a date, or bring friends.

What do you want to commemorate for a year?  Schedule a private event to liven up a birthday party, team-building event, club event, bridal party, ladies’ night…

Home DIY Bouquet Kits:  Our Home DIY Bouquet Kits provide a “bouquet laboratory in a box” experience and include everything you need to make your own bouquet at home.  Each Home DIY Kit includes Eon Flowers, a flower vase, and a curated selection of decorative preserved flowers, foliage, and moss.  Petal+Eon ships these Home DIY Kits anywhere in the U.S.

Petal+Eon Flower Arrangement Options for DIY bouquets


Petal+Eon bouquets require minimal time to assemble due to the innovative (and patent pending) Petal+Eon flower fasteners - no wires, glue, tape, or tools required!

Sample Glass Orb flower arrangement from Petal+Eon