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A Petal+Eon flower bar is a DIY floral arrangement workshop that features eco-friendly preserved flowers that remain in peak bloom for a year!  We use many types of REAL flowers –not just roses!—that do not require water or sunlight, so they require zero maintenance.  Best of all, this DIY experience requires no skill due to patent-pending DIY technology. 

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to make designing preserved floral arrangements easy and enjoyable for everyone.  Success is when someone with minimal artistic experience creates a uniquely beautiful arrangement that expresses their creativity and personality.  We do this by developing DIY technology and by curating preserved flowers from around the world to identify those best suited for our DIY experience.

A Petal+Eon flower bar haiku:

Joyful, calming art
Each flower adds meaning and
Beauty for eons


Our name: 

Pronounced "petal and eon."  Think: preserved flower petals that last an "eon" (a year is an eon for flowers).  

Woman working on a Petal+Eon DIY preserved flower arrangement that lasts a year

Petal+Eon preserved flower options

Petal+Eon floral arrangements require minimal time to assemble due to the innovative (and patent-pending) flower fasteners - no wires, glue, tape, or tools required!