“Working with Petal+Eon on planning and setting up our company event could not be a more seamless and stress-free experience… The set-up took no longer than 10 minutes and looked amazing. Our guests were thrilled and it was just the collaborative social event our colleagues needed for a team building experience. I highly recommend Petal+Eon and look forward to working with them in the future.” - Antonio M., Mercer Consulting

"More fun than anyone on our team could have ever expected. Somehow building the floral arrangements was calming and meditative while also being exciting and stimulating... Great experience!" - Cicely B., The Mission Continues

"FTI Consulting's Women Initiative had a great event with Petal+Eon! Petal+Eon was incredibly prepared with a large variety of flowers and plant. This was a very fun event and we would love to partner with Petal+Eon again in the future!" - Danielle E., FTI Consulting

"I loved attending the DIY workshop and putting together a beautiful floral arrangement for my home. It lights up the room and I get compliments from all my guests when they see it. I love that it requires no maintenance and lasts for a year!" - Cheyne Scott, Coursehorse 

"It was fun just being there, listening to music, and arranging delicate preserved flowers of different shapes and sizes and colors. Just being calm for one hour was enjoyable." - Elaine G., Coursehorse.com

"Sometimes activities at events can be intimidating, and you wind up worrying about how you will fare and whether you will hold your own without looking dumb. This was so easy, and I didn't realize just how easy it was until I started doing it. You can't do it wrong and it's so much fun." - Natalie Baker

Petal+Eon has received 5 out of 5 stars rated by people who have attended a Petal+Eon workshop.  Click here to see more testimonials on the Coursehorse website.