Uplevel Your Corporate Event with a Flower Arrangement Workshop

Uplevel Your Corporate Event with a Flower Arrangement Workshop

At present, there is no excuse for hosting a boring corporate event! With a world of entertainment at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to plan a corporate event that leaves a lasting impression on attendees - and encourages more to attend in the years to follow. Most corporate events aim to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and educate. The best way to keep guests engaged is with time dedicated to socialization and entertainment.  What is the latest and greatest in entertainment for corporate events? Flower arrangement workshops! Guided by a professional florist, flower arranging is a meditative activity that will get their creative juices flowing. Making it the perfect corporate activity for intense or multi-day corporate events, when guests are likely to experience information overload. Keep reading to learn how you can uplevel your corporate event with a flower arrangement workshop by Petal+Eon. Plus, take a look at some of the types of corporate events that can benefit from this type of entertainment.

Avoiding Information Overload at Corporate Events

In recent years there has been increased emphasis on corporate events that make time for mental health. Information overload is real and especially common at events like seminars, conferences, and product launches. Expecting attendees to digest tons of information back to back is unrealistic. At a certain point, our brains simply shut down, and the information they need to know might not stick. An easy way to combat this is to incorporate wellness hours and social activities into the schedule - the time before and after the designated event hours is not enough. Consider creating a wellness space with lounge areas and a mocktail bar. And carefully choose activities that are meditative or will assist with creativity. By the time attendees reconvene for business, they will be re-energized and refreshed.

book a flower arrangement workshop to up level your next corporate event

Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Choosing creative corporate event activities can be hard, but not because of limited options. The trick is finding an activity that appeals to everyone - men and women. Three of the most popular activities include virtual reality experiences, mixology classes, and flower arranging workshops. Flower arrangements are the newest addition to this lineup, available in-person and virtually. What makes this activity so unique is that it is not only entertaining, but it is meditative, boosts creativity, and encourages socialization. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why it has become a hit for all types of corporate events! 

At Petal+Eon we make it easier than ever to treat your corporate guests to some fun. Our private flower-arranging workshops are led by professional florists who provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Both women and men enjoy the class - many of whom even go on to gift the long-lasting floral arrangements to loved ones! Meanwhile, hosts will find our kits simple to set up - they come with everything attendees will need to complete the class. Getting started is as easy as choosing between a small or medium-sized vase option and a color scheme.

If you are ready to book a flower arrangement workshop for your corporate event, fill out a Private Event Form. We will work with you to choose a DIY floral kit that appeals to your guests and will make for a memorable experience.