The perfect corporate team event

Corporate DIY flower arranging workshop with preserved flowers for team building and client bonding - both virtual and in-person
Are you looking for a fun, collaborative activity to do with your coworkers? Do something different and try preserved flower arranging for your next team building event! Together with your team, we invite you to get away from the office and concentrate on building something creative. In our workshops, you will learn the basics of flower arranging and create a beautiful preserved floral arrangement, resulting in a memory (and a bouquet!) to last eons. And don’t worry, you don’t have to have a green thumb to participate.

The intersection of creativity and group bonding

At Petal+Eon, we believe that everyone should be able to express themselves through flowers. This is why the purpose of our workshops is to foster creativity, not conformity. Everyone is encouraged, under the expert guidance of our florist hosts, to build an arrangement that is expressive of their unique personality. In expressing their own unique creativity – but doing so together as a group – team members get to know more about each other and everyone’s individual creative processes. Thus, arranging flowers is a perfect activity to do as a group as it fosters teaming, bonding, and cohesiveness amongst coworkers.

Benefits of flower arranging

For any business that likes to invest in its team, there are loads of creative ways you can curate an interactive day of relationship building, and arguably none quite as fun as an event with Petal+Eon. An added benefit to taking part in one of Petal+Eon’s hands-on, collaborative floral workshops is that plant-related activities have been proven to promote health and wellness for both individuals and groups. Some of the benefits include improving cognitive function as well as physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Spending time around plants and flowers, and working hands-on with them, is a great way to get in some bonding time, team building time, and reap the rewards of flower therapy.

More than a memory

Petal+Eon only uses 100% REAL, eco-friendly flowers in all of our floral kits. What makes Petal+Eon special (in addition to our collaborative workshops, of course) is that our flowers have been preserved in peak bloom so that they are guaranteed to last two years – or even longer! Additionally, preserved petals don’t require any ongoing maintenance. That’s right – no watering or sunlight required, making it easy for everyone in your group to keep their floral arrangements displayed beautifully in their home or office for the years to come. And because our arrangements last so long, this means that everyone in your team can (if they want to) continuously re-arrange their flowers, ensuring a constant flow of creativity.