Team bonding with international participants

Team bonding with international participants
Now more than ever, our friends and colleagues are dispersed across the country and the world. How can you bring everyone together virtually in a meaningful and natural way? It’s easy to setup a Zoom call, but how to encourage meaningful group bonding? How to get people out of their shell and to reveal their unique personality? Here’s a 45-minute virtual workshop idea that works wonders: organize a Petal+Eon flower arranging workshop with preserved flowers.

Everyone will learn something new

Maybe some of your guests will have prior experience creating flower arrangements, but likely not with preserved flowers. Plus, Petal+Eon uses patented technology and unique techniques inspired by Ikebana masters from Japan, so everyone will be introduced to a new world of flowers.

A take-home gift that appeals to everyone

Yes, even that stubborn guy on the team will appreciate a flower arranging workshop because he likely has someone who might appreciate receiving a beautiful arrangement that will last 2 years. And, he can say he made it himself! That said, most people will treasure their arrangement and won’t consider parting with it.

An interactive and entertaining group experience

Petal+Eon live florists make every workshop interactive, informal and fun. Everyone will be encouraged to share their thoughts and tips with the group. Creating a beautiful flower arrangement requires tweaking and problem solving – and your group will do so together. Even children do great because it’s not rocket science, but the team aspect elevates the experience.

Everyone will express themselves in a novel way

The Petal+Eon motto is “Express yourself through flowers,” and we truly emphasize doing so. Each participant can choose a different color scheme for the same workshop, but even if everyone in your group were to choose the same color scheme (or you chose it for them), everyone would still create a truly unique flower arrangement. Petal+Eon includes more flowers than needed in every floral kit, and there are unlimited ways to arrange the flowers. Everyone will truly express themselves in a novel new way, which makes this workshop especially fulfilling – and drives fun conversation and bonding.

You get to use your hands

Unlike Zoom trivia, guest speakers, and most virtual games, arranging flowers requires you to use your hands. And creating art with our hands resonates in a primal way with our inner child. Most adults don’t get many chances to create tangible art.

Easy and AFFORDABLE global shipping

Petal+Eon uses 100% REAL flowers preserved to last 2 years without water, so the flowers will remain beautiful in the shipping box at room temperature for 2 years. This means you don’t need to ship the flowers using an expensive service, such as Next Day Air. Petal+Eon ships to nearly any country and we have done wonderful workshops for participants as far away as India and New Zealand. ALSO, if you have a UPS or FedEx account, you can use that and Petal+Eon will not charge for shipping.

The price is right

Petal+Eon charges based on the number of participants and the price starts at $45/person plus shipping. If multiple floral kits are shipping to a single address, shipping costs are further reduced. This is helpful when multiple participants (or all of them) will be completing the workshop together in person.

Easy to organize

To make your job as the organizer easier, Petal+Eon offers a complimentary service to create an online landing page customized for your event. Therefore, as the organizer all you need to do is email the link to your guests. Your guests will then click on the link, choose their flower color scheme, choose their vase style and enter their shipping details. You can pre-pay everything for your guests or have them pay when checking out.

Timing flexibility

A consideration with international guests is hosting the event at a time convenient for everybody. Time zones can make it tricky sometimes, but Petal+Eon can host any time of day.

How to get started

Petal+Eon is happy to coordinate and host your next event, whether in the United States or elsewhere in the world. Contact us today at and we’ll help build the perfect event to meet your needs, timelines and budget!