Spring Team Building Activities | Flower Arranging for Groups

Spring Team Building Activities | Flower Arranging for Groups

As the spring season approaches we tend to see an increase in corporate events for team building. And why not, with such beautiful weather in the forecast? The springtime is perfect for treating your employees to a day out of the office for team-building activities and socialization. Whether you want to revisit company goals or show your team some appreciation! Learn how to host a memorable corporate team building event with flower arranging for groups, led by Petal+Eon.

Why Host a Flower-Arranging Party?

Flower arranging is one of the most popular spring team-building ideas. In addition to being a fun and unique skill to hone, it also makes for an entertaining pastime that coworkers can bond over. A flower arranging workshop is a creative outlet that requires attention to detail and an eye for aesthetics - even men will enjoy it! Whether they create an arrangement for themselves or a loved one, say their wife or mother. The main benefit of flower arranging is that it encourages creativity while strengthening the relationship among coworkers. This can help to foster a positive and supportive team culture, which can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Your team will enjoy the opportunity to let their creativity and imagination flourish. Especially those who work in mentally taxing industries, like engineers or marketers. Another, likely unexpected perk, is that it can assist with communication skills. Employees will want to discuss their designs and work together to overcome problems, with the arrangement itself or the construction process. This may even require them to tap into their problem solving skills. Although an instructor will be on hand in the event that any serious problems occur. 

team building flower arranging workshop

Private Floral Workshops

When planning flower arranging for groups there are several factors to consider. Namely their specific needs and preferences. To start, you will want to choose flowers and a design that aligns with their interests and skills. At Petal+Eon we have two sizes of arrangements to choose from featuring various flowers and color schemes. If needed, we are glad to guide you in picking the best arrangement for your team.

Once you have chosen a design you will be provided with a professional florist, in person or virtually. Our florists specialize in step-by-step flower arranging for beginners so that everyone in your group can enjoy the activity. A booking with Petal+Eon also includes all of the flower-arranging party supplies required, including a floral foam alternative and beautiful vase. At the end of the workshop your team will leave not only with a memorable experience, but a stunning arrangement that will last two years! 

Ready to plan a spring team building event starring a flower arranging workshop? Petal+Eon would be happy to set up a workshop, complete with all of the required flower-arranging party supplies. Simply fill out a Private Event Form to determine the details of your event!