Give the Gift of Flowers that Last a Year | Petal+Eon

Give the Gift of Flowers that Last a Year | Petal+Eon

The idea of gifting flower arrangements is nothing new - but how about flowers that last a year or more? Traditional, fresh-from-the-garden flowers only last a short period before wilting. Although beautiful, many people find that gifting fresh flowers is a short-lived investment. However, the uptick of preserved flowers and floral kits means that your gift will deliver happiness for that much longer. Keep reading to learn about this exciting new trend, and how you can send a little sunshine to a loved one today with Petal+Eon.

What is Petal+Eon?

How did our name come about?  Think flowers petals that last an eon.  An eon is a long period of time and all our flowers are REAL preserved flowers that last 2 years without maintenance. It’s a one-of-a-kind handcrafted keepsake that doubles as home decor! And with zero maintenance, enjoying our long-lasting flower arrangements is as simple as finding a place to showcase your design.

When it comes to purchasing preserved flowers you have a lot of options. So what makes Petal+Eon unique? The answer is simple! We don’t just deliver flowers. We deliver an experience. Receiving a floral arrangement is always exciting, but there is a whole other level of joy to crafting one of your very own. Think of it as a creative and aesthetic alternative to LEGOs. Those who receive Petal+Eon preserved flower arrangements will have all of the tools required to craft a unique design. This includes our floral foam alternative, a gorgeous vase, preserved flowers, and plenty of filler. Recipients will then have the option to join a free floral workshop, hosted on Zoom. Although it is certainly not required, it is a great option for anyone who is new to flower arranging or would like guidance.

gift flowers that last a year

Donate a Petal+Eon Floral Kit

Want to give the gift of flowers that last a year to someone who could use a pick-me-up? On your behalf, Petal+Eon would love to deliver a flower kit to a patient at the Radiation Oncology Department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. How is this possible if hospitals don’t allow flowers? Our preserved blooms do not harbor mold or potential allergens, posing no harm to patients who are at high risk for infection. Your donation will provide a cancer patient with a free floral arrangement workshop, including in-person instruction by our talented florist. It’s the perfect way to escape and meditate following a long day of treatments.

Ready to purchase one of our gorgeous flower arrangements that last a year? Take a look at our selection of Floral Kits and choose a size or design - we also offer wreaths and other classic displays. From here you will have the option of several color schemes or floral inclusions. After you have sent it, be sure to follow up with the recipient to see what they have achieved with our preserved flower arrangements!