Easy DIY Wedding Centerpiece Flower Kits

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpiece Flower Kits

Are you planning a wedding and looking for simple yet stunning centerpieces? Do you want to add a personal touch to your special day without breaking the bank? Look no further than DIY wedding centerpiece flower kits from Petal+Eon! These convenient DIY flower arranging kits allow you to create stylish arrangements, all from the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to explore how to incorporate a virtual flower arranging classes into your bachelorette or bridal shower. Plus, learn how our one-of-a-kind preservation process allows for the arrangements to be cherished long after the wedding.

A Creative Bridal Shower Activity

Planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party can be exciting, but finding a unique activity that engages everyone can be a challenge. With Petal+Eon's DIY flower-arranging kits, you can organize a casual, interactive activity that encourages people to mingle. It’s as simple as gathering your family and friends and following along with a virtual instructor. Led by a professional florist, our online workshops make it easy for everyone to participate, regardless of their floral arranging experience. It's a great way to bond, create beautiful memories, and ensure that the bridal shower is an unforgettable event. At the end of the event, you can treat your guests to the arrangements as a keepsake. Or, introduce the activity by explaining that the arrangements will be used as wedding centerpieces, which they are welcome to take home following the reception.

DIY wedding centerpiece floral kit

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Petal+Eon offers a wide range of DIY wedding centerpiece kits to suit various styles and preferences. Whether you prefer classic elegance or rustic charm, there's an arrangement that suits every theme. The kits include everything you need to create gorgeous centerpieces, from the flowers to the vases and even the tools. No need to worry about searching for individual components or guessing which flowers complement each other – Petal+Eon has taken care of it all. Additionally, each kit comes with access to a virtual class led by a professional florist. You'll learn valuable tips and techniques to help you create stunning arrangements that will impress your wedding guests. With these DIY kits, you can save time, money, and the stress of coordinating with a florist, all while adding your personal touch to your wedding decor.

Flowers that Last a Year

One of the most remarkable aspects of Petal+Eon's DIY flower arranging kits is the longevity of the flowers themselves. These aren't your average fresh-cut flowers that will wilt within a few days! We use high-quality preserved flowers that last up to a year without any maintenance. After your wedding, these beautiful centerpieces can be kept as a cherished keepsake, a constant reminder of your special day. They also make wonderful gifts for family and friends who attended your wedding, such as the mother of the bride and groom. Imagine the joy on their faces when they receive a stunning centerpiece that will retain its beauty for months on end. It's a unique and thoughtful way to show appreciation to your loved ones who helped make your wedding day a reality.

DIY wedding centerpiece flower kits from Petal+Eon provide an easy and cost-effective solution for creating beautiful decorations that reflect your style. With a variety of styles and sizes available, these kits come with everything you need and provide access to professional guidance through virtual classes. Additionally, the preserved flowers offer a lasting memento of your wedding day, making them perfect keepsakes or gifts! Visit our website today to peruse our selection of flower arranging kits, or reach out to us directly if you have a specific color scheme or design in mind.