5 Virtual Flower Arranging Tips from Petal+Eon

5 Virtual Flower Arranging Tips from Petal+Eon

Flower arranging is a timeless art and a beautiful creative outlet. Whether you're a seasoned florist or a budding enthusiast, a virtual flower arranging class is the perfect opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. To help you make the most of an online floral design class, explore our top flower-arranging tips that will help you hone your skills. So, let's dive in and discover how you can create stunning DIY floral arrangements and master the art of proportion in floral design.

  1. Choose the Right Virtual Flower Arranging Class

When choosing an online floral design class, make sure it aligns with your skill level and desired learning outcomes. Look for courses that offer comprehensive lessons on various aspects of flower arranging, such as proportion, color theory, and arrangement techniques. At Petal+Eon, our virtual flower arranging classes are suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike, and are always led by a professional florist! We even provide all of the tools and materials required to create a bouquet, so you can focus on creating a beautiful arrangement.

  1. Create a Dedicated Workspace

Prior to starting your virtual flower arranging class, we recommend establishing a designated workspace. Preferably somewhere that is clean and clutter-free so that you can focus on your creation. We also recommend choosing an area with plenty of light, so that you aren't straining your eyes. A dedicated workspace will enhance your concentration and enable you to follow the instructor's guidance effectively, making for a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Understand Proportion in Floral Design

If there is one skill that you want to take away from flower arranging, it is an understanding of proportion. What is proportion? It entails balancing different elements, such as height, width, and color, to achieve harmonious compositions. And applies to all of your materials, from the flowers to the vase or container. Learning how proportion works and implementing it into your floral designs will help you create stunning arrangements that you are proud to showcase or gift!

  1. Incorporate Personal Touches

Floral design is all about letting your creativity flourish! While our virtual flower arranging classes will walk you through the basics to help you build a confident foundation for floral design, we encourage you to incorporate some personal touches. Whether that means you request kits that incorporate specific colors or flowers. Or, you choose to add small decorative elements to enhance the overall aesthetic. Many people choose to include stakes featuring metallic leaves or butterflies! Use our kits as a base, from which you can explore your creativity and make your designs stand out.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, practice is key to mastering the art of flower arranging. Taking advantage of our virtual classes is a great way to receive feedback from a professional and continue to refine your skills. Start with our small kits and as you become more confident, work towards the largest. The more you practice, the more proficient you will become in floral design and the more likely you will be to customize your arrangements. 

Ready to jump into the art of floral design? Take a look at our DIY flower arranging kits, available in a range of beautiful styles and sizes that accommodate different skill levels! Even better, host a group floral arranging class at-home - it's the perfect way to enjoy some downtime with your friends.