Petal Partners

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Petal Partner!  Please fill out the below form and we will get in touch asap.

As a Petal Partner, you will host and provide instruction for a monthly in-person flower arranging workshop at your convenience at a local venue of your choice.  Petal+Eon will train you and provide everything you need, and you do NOT need any prior floral experience or skills.  Petal+Eon will also do local marketing for your workshop and manage RSVPS, so all you need to do is show up with the all-inclusive supplies we ship you (the flowers, vases, and take-home tote bags).

About Petal+Eon

Founded in 2019 by Emma Current in New York City, Petal+Eon creates floral kits that make it easy to create beautiful centerpieces with 100% REAL luxury preserved flowers that last 2 years with no maintenance.

About Petal+Eon Workshops

Our #1 rule is DON'T PANIC!  We strive to make every workshop FUN and SOCIAL and EASY for everyone.  The most important role of the Instructor is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  Petal+Eon flower arranging workshops typically last 45-60 minutes plus 20 minutes for setup and clean-up, so we recommend that instructors block 100 minutes.

What you can make per workshop

For successful workshops, you would have the opportunity to make more than $150.  You will receive the below Base payment based on the number of participants PLUS 20% of upgrade revenue.  You will not have any up-front or out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Zero payment if nobody RSVPs (nothing for you to do)
  • Assumes 25% of participants elect to upgrade
  • All payments go through the Petal+Eon event page
  • You will be paid by Zelle within 1 week after the workshop

Choosing a venue

  • You are responsible for finding a beautiful venue in your community to host and instruct your Petal+Eon workshop. Most bright rooms with a table and chairs will work great.
  • The number of participants is up to you, and your event page can limit the count to any number you choose.  A room that can seat 20-30 people is idea.