Virtual Flower Arranging Class

Why take a flower arranging class?

Fun group bonding

The primary goal of each flower arranging class (and online flower arranging class) is to have FUN interacting with our florist and the other guests. Especially among friends and colleagues, nothing drives group bonding like a hands-on virtual flower arrangement classes or workshops where everyone learns a new skill together.

Immerse in creativity

A secondary goal for each flower arranging class (and online flower arranging class) is to “express your personality with flowers.” Anyone can replicate a template, but we recommend shooting for the thrill of releasing your inhibitions and going with the flow to create something that speaks to you in a meaningful way. The 7-year-olds mentioned previously are especially adept at this.

Preserved flower arrangements last 1-2 years

If you’re going to make time and put so much love into a floral arrangement, you want it to last! Therefore, all the flowers in Petal+Eon floral arrangements undergo an eco-friendly preservation process so they last 1-2 years without water or maintenance. You can’t kill them! We love preserved flowers because they can be arranged in such beautiful, intricate and creative ways. Flower preservation techniques have been around for decades, but the technology has significantly improved during the prior 10 years, especially in Asia (Singapore, Korea, Japan). In these countries you will find florists offering very intricate arrangements using many types of preserved flowers from all over the world. Few people in the U.S. have yet seen what’s possible with preserved flowers. Fortunately, Petal+Eon is a leader in offering online flower arranging classes with preserved flowers to help spread the word about the amazing creative potential these flowers offer. At every Petal+Eon floral arranging class, guests create arrangements using an assortment of flowers, often including roses, gardenia, carnations, plumosum, star flowers, lavender, eucalyptus, and many others. On the virtual flower arrangement classes, Petal+Eon florists provide a different selection at every floral arranging class, so you will never have the same experience twice.

Learn floral design theory and history

At every Petal+Eon flower arranging class (and online flower arranging class) you will learn about the Petal+Eon Floral Design Framework (the “Framework”). During the virtual flower arrangement classes, Framework is described in detail in other articles, but it’s interesting to know the Framework was heavily influenced by modern florists in Japan and Korea where floral design using preserved flowers really blossomed -- excuse the pun. Many of the Japanese florists we love studied Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and transitioned to using preserved flowers more recently.

Some interesting facts about Ikebana:

  • Ikebana has roots that go as far back as the 7th century and have been practiced by Buddhist tea masters.
  • Today there are nearly 1,000 different types of Ikebana schools across the world that offer flower arranging classes.
  • Most Ikebana schools focus on minimalism and none focus on decorations – the purpose of Ikebana to appreciate things most people ignore, such as nature, beauty and the shapes of flowers.
  • Many of Japan's most celebrated generals practiced Ikebana because it calmed their minds and helped with decision making in preparation for battle.
  • Every type of flower is code for a certain emotion or action.
  • An odd number of flowers is lucky, while an even number is unlucky and never used. Ikebana often avoids symmetry, considered unnatural.
  • For a house-warming, never give red flowers because they signify fire – a constant dread in Japan because most roofs were flammable.