Home DIY Kit instructions

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Petal+Eon Home DIY kits include: a vase, 3 Eon Flowers (preserved flowers), and a curated selection of decorative flowers.

Step 1: Take everything out of their containers and place on a table.  

Step 2: Stick the Eon Flowers into the vase in any configuration you like.  Only the dark green flower fastener needs to stick into the floral foam in the vase (not deep, just enough to hold the Eon Flower upright).  BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THE STEMS by only pushing downwards on the flower fasteners --  see below video for a demonstration.

Step 3: Add the decorative flowers to your bouquet by sticking them into the floral foam. 

Tag us @petaleonfloral with a picture of your completed bouquet!  

Caring for Eon Flowers: Eon Flowers are real flowers that were preserved in peak bloom to maintain their ideal shape and color for 1+ years.  Eon Flowers do not require water or sunlight and will last longer if maintained at room temperature at normal humidity levels. 

Caution: Eon Flowers are not meant to be eaten, so please keep away from small children and pets.  Consult a medical professional if eaten.