Certified Flower Arranging Master

Petal+Eon patented do-it-yourself technology makes creating a beautiful flower arrangement so easy that you can become a Certified Flower Arranging Master after a single one-hour workshop.  Even six-year-olds proudly display their Certificate in their bedroom. Even better, the Certificate is FREE.


Steps to obtain your Certificate:
  1. Attend a Petal+Eon flower arranging workshop (either a virtual workshop or an in-person workshop) and create a flower arrangement that you love - your "Masterpiece."
  2. Post a photo of your Masterpiece to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any website and obtain three or more Likes, comments, etc.
  3. Tag or notify Petal+Eon that you posted.
  4. Email info@petaleon.com that 1) you want a Master Flower Arranging Certificate, 2) the name you want on the Certificate, and 3) the date you attended a Petal+Eon workshop.
  5. We will email you the Certificate as a pdf that you can print and frame.  It may take us up to a week to create and send it.


Certificate Benefits:

  • Pride and accomplishment
  • You can lead a Petal+Eon workshop for your friends because you are a Certified Flower Arranging Master.  However, even though step-by-steps instructions come with every Floral Kit, for groups of 3 or more we recommend you schedule a private event with a Petal+Eon florist for no additional cost.


Legal Disclaimer: No governmental or regulatory body issues "flower arranging certificates."  The Petal+Eon Certificate does not guarantee admission to Harvard or any academic, wizardry or military institution.  Though Samurai did practice flower arranging as discussed during our workshops, this Certificate does NOT qualify you as a Samurai.  If you hope to become a Samurai, please follow the instructions here.