Become a Marketing Affiliate!

red preserved roses and flowers

Thank you for your interest in helping Petal+Eon plan private workshops and raise awareness for our public workshops!

About Petal+Eon: We host 1-hour, floral arrangement workshops instructed by a florist over Zoom with the flowers and vase shipped in advance. The REAL flowers are preserved to last 1-2 years without water or maintenance.  Our target customer is anyone who wants to host a creative/DIY/interactive Zoom meeting to stay connected with friends, family, team-members, etc. Our workshops are perfect for parties, friends' night, team-building activities, meet-and-greet events, and date nights.

Job Description: As a Petal+Eon Marketing Affiliate, you will reach out to influencers, event planners, your own contacts, and anyone who may want to plan a floral workshop.  You may choose to use email, Instagram, Facebook, phone calls, or any method you like.  If they express interest, you will gather their contact information and connect them with the Petal+Eon Scheduling Team.

Compensation: 100% commission-based. Whenever someone buys a floral arrangement Home Kit for an event you planned, you will get paid a fixed commission.

Please email us to learn more: