Girls’ Night In | DIY Flower Arranging Party

Girls’ Night In | DIY Flower Arranging Party

Planning a Girls' Night In? Let Petal+Eon help you host a memorable evening that will set the bar high! A DIY flower-arranging party is a unique and creative activity that will elevate your get-together. And, thanks to our preserved flower kits, it is hassle and mess-free. Keep reading to explore ideas for a flower bar party, with tips for setup and hosting a successful group flower arranging class. So grab your friends, unleash your inner florist, and get ready to create stunning floral masterpieces together!

Set the Scene

Hosting a memorable girls' night in starts with transforming your home into a welcoming space. You don't have to go all-out-but there are certainly a few ways to spruce it up for a flower bar party. Consider decorating with fairy lights, plush pillows, and colorful tablecloths to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. We also like to put on some background music to set the tone for a fun-filled evening. Finally, be sure to create a designated space for DIY flower arranging. An area that is well-lit and clutter-free will make it easier for everyone to focus on their designs and follow along with the instructor. 

Choose Your Flower Arrangement Kits

When choosing your flower arrangement kits, there are a lot of options! Our top tip is to choose a style and size that aligns with your skill level and desired learning outcomes. We offer DIY floral kits in an array of sizes, whether you’re looking to dip your toe in the water or are interested in a more challenging arrangement. And, all of the kits include access to a virtual flower-arranging class led by a professional florist, who will cover the foundations of floral arrangements, such as proportion, color theory, and arrangement techniques. This will ensure that you and your friends feel confident and have all of the basic knowledge needed to create a beautiful flower arrangement.

Create a Flower Bar Party Setup

If you want an Insta-worthy setup, create a flower bar - using your kitchen island or the dining room table. Here your friends can collect the required tools and materials to make their arrangements, along with their preferred blooms and foliage. Arrange the flowers in buckets or vases and allow each participant to mix and match their favorite elements. You can also invest in other decorative inclusions that will add texture or catch the eye. This will inspire their creativity and encourage experimentation!

Enjoy Refreshments and Treats

No girls’ night is complete without delicious refreshments and snacks! Serve a selection of finger foods and sweet treats for your friends to enjoy throughout the flower arranging class. We recommend placing them within arm’s reach to limit how often your guests have to get up, otherwise, they might miss some directions. If you want a more aesthetic display, you can’t go wrong with charcuterie. To complement the floral theme, consider serving up cocktails, mocktails, or infused water decorated with edible flowers! Or, go the classic route and provide a selection of wines.

A flower bar party is a fantastic girls’ night in party idea that combines creativity and relaxation. With Petal+Eon’s flower kits, a DIY flower arranging party is hassle and mess-free, so you and your friends can focus on letting your creativity flourish. Visit our shop today to choose from our collection of floral kits, available in a range of beautiful styles and sizes that cater to all skill levels.