Adult Birthday Party Ideas | How to Host a Flower Arranging Party

Adult Birthday Party Ideas | How to Host a Flower Arranging Party

As we grow older, birthdays often become less about presents and more about spending quality time with family and friends. And what better way to do so than by hosting an at-home birthday party that encourages socializing and creativity? If you're looking for adult birthday party ideas, a flower-arranging party could fit the bill. Not only is it a unique and engaging activity, but it's also a chance to learn a new skill! Keep reading to learn how to host a flower-arranging party and provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Choose Your Arrangements

The first step of hosting a flower arranging party is deciding on the type of arrangements you want to provide. Petal+Eon offers a wide variety of styles and vases to choose from to cater to everyone’s preferred aesthetic. You could go for a monochromatic scheme, featuring one color or type of flowers to create a sleek and modern arrangement. Alternatively, choose a bohemian-inspired design with a variety of colors and textures for a more eclectic look. If you are having a difficult time making a decision, think about the birthday girl's favorite flowers, as well as the theme or color scheme of the party.

Set the Scene!

Creating the right atmosphere is key to any successful flower-arranging party! At your home or in an event space, set up a designated table or work area with plenty of space for each guest to work. We also recommend working within an area that has ample natural light, so everyone can easily see and handle their designs. Flower arranging is a fun activity and encourages people to socialize. To create a casual environment, you might provide some refreshments or cocktails. As well as light bites, such as charcuterie or finger sandwiches, for guests to enjoy throughout the party. Consider playing some soft background music to create a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance. Flower arranging can be surprisingly meditative, so setting the scene will only elevate the experience.

flower arranging adult birthday party ideas

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

On the day of your event, Petal+Eon will make the process as seamless as possible. You will receive everything needed to create beautiful arrangements. Including flowers, vases, and floral tape for each guest. As well as any other materials you will need to complete your design. If you like, you can also provide aprons or smocks to set the mood, although you will have no worries about dirtying clothes.

While flower arranging is a fun and creative activity, some guests may feel a little overwhelmed by the process. To help everyone feel confident and comfortable, we will provide ample guidance. Your purchase of flower arrangement kits includes access to instructional videos or a class, led by a professional florist! They will demonstrate the basic techniques, to guide your friends and family on how to create a stylish yet unique floral arrangement that they will be proud to display. 

Take-home Favors

Our favorite aspect of flower arranging is that it is an experience that doubles as a party favor. Once everyone has finished creating their designs, they will be able to take their arrangement home to display for up to two years. It is a stunning keepsake that will spark memories of an amazing evening spent with loved ones. Our flower arrangements can be easily carried as they include a high-quality vase. However, to make them easier for guests to transport, you might consider providing a sturdy cardboard box. This will allow them to be placed in a car seat, and ensure a safe ride home.

At Petal+Eon, we're passionate about helping people discover the joy of flowers. Whether you're a seasoned florist or a complete beginner, we believe that everyone can benefit from the beauty and creativity of floral design! We can even customize the workshop to suit your needs, whether you're hosting a 50th birthday party, bridal shower, or other special occasion. Take a look at our flower arranging kits today or reach out with any questions!