2021.07.18 Eon Windows Workshop

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This event is FULL.  Please email info@petaleon.com if you'd like to schedule a private Eon Window workshop.

Join us as we launch Eon Windows, the newest offering by Petal+Eon!

This workshop will show you how to create our novel DIY wooden vase: an experience that combines floral arranging and artisan woodcrafting.

Date: Sunday, July 18th at 5 PM EST

Cost: $91 / person plus $10 shipping

What's included: Eon Window & floral kit (color scheme of your choice). The kit includes the wood pieces, a glue dispenser to hold the pieces in place, 3 preserved roses, preserved hydrangea, and a curated selection of decorative filler flowers (no tools, supplies or preparation required prior to the workshop).  The final product is 6" tall, 8" wide, and 3.5" deep.  The Eon Window vase can stick to any wall (Command Glue included in the kit) or sit on a table.

Email any questions to info@petaleon.com