Event Floral Arrangements

Make Beautiful Event Floral Arrangements with Petal+Eon

Eye-catching floral decorations add a touch of elegance and beauty to any event. But decorating special occasions with flowers does not have to be stressful anymore! At Petal+Eon, we aim to make the occasions more fulfilling and memorable with wonderful event floral arrangements. The only difference is: here, we are the creative minds and you are the creator behind beautiful flower arrangements.

Our team has the creativity and passion to provide excellent flower decoration ideas and workshops to help you curate designs that will brighten up the space instantly. Whether it is a corporate event, anniversary, birthday celebration, trade show, baby shower, memorials or fundraisers, you can now design lovely event flower arrangements that will win everyone’s heart.

Do not have experience creating floral arrangements? Order our floral kits and join our interactive workshops where you will learn to craft fascinating event floral arrangements. Petal+Eon offers a best-in-class experience that combines creative designs, patented technology and 100% fresh flowers that last for two years.

Yes; we use real and eco-friendly flowers that last up to two years with no maintenance. Fresh flowers will add a distinct charm to the events that everyone will love. Also, you can reuse these event flower arrangements again and again as the flowers retain their beauty and freshness for a long time. Therefore, you won’t need to spend as much money throughout the year on flowers!

Types of Event Flower Arrangements We Specialize in

Petal+Eon offers a wonderful DIY flower arrangement experience that features flowers of innumerable variety and colors – not just roses! Best of all, these flowers will last 1-2 years without water, sunlight, or any kind of maintenance. Even if you do not have artistic skills or experience in making event floral arrangements, our one-of-a-kind DIY technology will make it fun and interesting to create a beautiful floral design that will make heads turn in appreciation.

Why Partner with Petal+Eon?

We aren’t just florists! Petal+Eon is a team of creative minds that offer a unique experience to make your own DIY floral arrangements, ideal for any event or special occasion. Here’s why you should partner with us for event flower arrangements:

  • We help create a unique brand vision and personality with our customized floral arrangements
  • We will ship DIY floral kits, which include the finest selection of preserved, fresh flowers
  • Use real preserved flowers that are beautiful, eco-friendly and last up to 2 years
  • Innovative technology that makes it a breeze making beautiful event floral arrangements – even six-year-olds do wonderful!
  • Interactive workshop sessions and a fun learning experience

To order our kit for event flower arrangements, get in touch with us now.