2020.5.4 Anxiety and Your Child: an art psychotherapist and a florist have jointly developed this unique floral workshop instructed over Zoom

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Event description: During this 1-hour workshop, you will create a floral arrangement featuring many types of REAL flowers that last 1-2 years AND learn how to reduce your child’s anxiety. The floral design tips our florist will share will help you create an ECO-FRIENDLY arrangement that will never need water or maintenance – no skill required. The skills that Suzanne Eng, an art psychotherapist, shares will help you support and reassure your child. We will ship you the supplies (free shipping), and on the day of the workshop we will email you a Zoom login code.

Date & Time: Monday, May 4th at 5pm EST

How this workshop will help reduce your child’s anxiety: In today’s current climate, anxiety can feel overwhelming. Often all we hear in the news lately is scary and anxiety inducing. Children can be susceptible to the anxious thoughts and feelings as well through what they absorb through others and what they feel in their surroundings. Reducing your child’s anxiety starts with your support and reassurance as well as approaching life’s stresses in a calm, direct manner. It’s important to stay alert to certain behaviors, thoughts and feelings that seem incongruent to your child’s personality. Anxiety can be treated and it begins in the home.

Included: 1 preserved rose, a curated selection of preserved, decorative filler flowers (all eco-friendly), and the tall, "Roman Candle" flower vase seen in the first few pictures.

Register for a workshop at least 6 days in advance (midnight on May 29th). If you skip or miss the workshop, you can reschedule. Petal+Eon ships anywhere in the U.S. and all sales are final.

About Suzanne Eng: I have lived in New York for over twenty years and in that time have faced a variety of challenges as a mother, art therapist and leader. Having had experience in hospitals, schools and facilities has showed me that therapy can be incredibly helpful for many. My specialty is mostly grounded in child and family therapy but also am skilled in individual psychotherapy, couples therapy and groups. Currently, I represent the Hance Family Foundation as a consultant leading self-esteem workshops and am assistant director at Marsh Psychotherapy, PLLC in Brooklyn, NY.

Suzanne’s Practice: https://www.therapyformyproblems.com