2020.5.16: Reframing Judgmental Thoughts for Self Compassion: an art psychotherapist and a florist have jointly developed this unique floral workshop instructed over Zoom

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Event Description: During this 1-hour workshop, you will create a floral arrangement featuring many types of REAL flowers that last 1-2 years AND learn to reframe judgmental thoughts into healthy or supportive ones. The floral design tips our florist will share will help you create an ECO-FRIENDLY arrangement that will never need water or maintenance – no skill required. The mindful art activity led by Creative Arts Therapist Stella Fischl will remind you that taking care of your needs is not selfish, it is self-compassionate. We will ship you the supplies (free shipping), and on the day of the workshop we will email you a Zoom login code.

Date/Time: Saturday, May 16th at 1:30 pm EST

How this workshop will help you reframe judgmental thoughts: Currently there is a lot of pressure to be your most busy or productive self. That may not be possible for everyone, and Stella will share tips for how to reframe this thinking in a positive, self-compassionate way. Her insights will especially benefit anyone managing or recovering from difficult or unhealthy relationships.

Register for a workshop at least 6 days in advance. If you skip or miss the workshop, you can reschedule.  Petal+Eon ships anywhere in the U.S. and all sales are final.  

About Stella Fischl: Stella is a Licensed & Board-Certified Creative Arts Therapist with related training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and stress reduction. Before starting her own private practice, she worked in both domestic violence and homeless shelters as well as with youth in foster care.

About Stella’s practice: I focus on using creativity to develop insight and enhance opportunities for expression. I also introduce practical skills to help improve coping and communication. I’m particularly interested in aiding clients who are managing or recovering from difficult or unhealthy relationships.  Website: https://centered.nyc