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For no additional price, you can RSVP for any Zoom workshop on our calendar for live instruction.  All floral kits work for any event.

What’s in each floral kit?

Petal+Eon’s floral kits come with an elegant vase and three types of preserved flowers that you can combine for a full, creative floral experience. Successful arrangements typically contain “thrillers” (flowers that are the center of attention), “spillers” (secondary flowers that help draw attention to the thrillers), and “fillers” (generally smaller flowers/greenery that fill in the gaps). Depending on the size of the arrangement you select, you will receive anywhere from 1–5 roses (thrillers), a handful of hydrangeas (spillers), and a curated selection of decorative flowers (fillers).

Do I need any preparation?

Everything you need is in the box, so you will not need any tools or supplies. Plus, the preserved flowers will remain beautiful in the box for 2 years at room temperature. And it’s easy! Petal+Eon’s patented technology ensures that every kit is accessible and easy to assemble, no matter your previous experience with flowers. We host workshops for children and they always do great.

Do you have a knack for creativity? Love the beauty and freshness of flowers? Petal+Eon provides a wonderful opportunity to show off your skills using a curated selection of many types of preserved flowers. Buy a DIY flower arrangement kit online and join our workshop to learn how to make beautiful floral designs for any event or special occasion. The flower arrangement kits can be your source to Indulge in a never-before experience of creating your own floral arrangements in a fast and simple way!

Your Perfect Dose of Joy!

There is a sheer charm and beauty in fresh flowers that instantly brings a smile onto faces. They are your daily dose of joy. And there are so many varieties…myriad colors and loveliness. At Petal+Eon, we bring to you the exquisiteness of fresh flowers, meticulously curated in a beautiful floral arrangement kit that you can use to make incredible designs. Impress your dear ones and craft your own floral creations with flower arrangement kits that consist of real flowers, accessories, and step-by-step instructions from our experts.

We ship DIY kits right to your home; with everything you need to create beautiful party flower arrangements. All our flowers are 100% real, fresh and eco-friendly, which can last up to 1-2 years. So, you can continue enjoying the charm of your own creations through the years. More importantly, we do not have just roses. Choose from a wide variety of flowers and accessories to curate the finest designs with our flower arrangement kit.

Depending on your choice or the event, you can order a standard-size floral kit or a medium-sized one, both of which come with seasonal flowers, premium vases, and different color themes. This will give you plenty of options to play with your creativity and make party flower arrangements that are unique and charming. So, with every kit, you get your perfect dose of happiness.

How does it work

Want to order a floral arrangement kit from us? Here’s how it works.

Choose your favorite floral arrangement style

Whether you want to make flower bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle décor, ceremony flowers, corsages, or statement centerpieces or floral displays – we have you covered. You also have the choice of your favorite flowers. Depending on your preferences, we will send you a flower arrangement kit with blooms from around the world that are sustainably preserved and can retain their beauty and freshness for up to 2 years with no maintenance.

Just give us a call to discuss your needs and we'd be happy to help you.

Create Your DIY Floral Arrangement

In addition to the floral kit, we also provide workshops that provide step-by-step instructions to create the finest party flower arrangements. Do not have experience in making floral arrangements? No need to worry. Our patent-pending DIY technology makes it really fun and relaxing to design beautiful arrangements that can brighten up any space immediately.

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Why it’s Petal+Eon?

Here’s why partnering with us for your flower arrangement kit will deliver the best value:

  • Our workshops will bring you joy: Start making your DIY floral arrangement with us that offers the perfect dose of happiness and joy.
  • It’s simple and fun: Our step-by-step guides and live instructions will help you with basic arranging, while our innovative technology gets you going instantly.
  • Eco-friendly: With a focus on environment-protection and sustainability, we use only in-season, eco-friendly and fresh-cut blooms that last for up to 2 years. This further helps reduce flower waste across the world.
  • Easy ordering & quick delivery: With Petal+Eon, you can order your personalized flower arrangement kit easily and get delivery of the flower arrangement kits at your doorstep.
  • Wide selection of floral kits to choose from: Whatever your taste or preference, we provide the finest selection of flower arrangement kits that are customized to your needs.