Corporate team bonding

Thank you for your interest in bringing a Petal+Eon flower bar to your corporate team bonding event!  Prior hosts include Facebook, L'Oreal, Meredith, Fourpost, FTI Consulting, Google, Mercer Consulting, The University of Chicago Alumni Club, and many more.

Click here for a full overview brochure that will answer most of your questions.

Team bonding where everyone makes an arrangement that lasts a year!  Men can tell their significant other they made it for them!

And this event is not just for the ladies because men can tell their significant other they made them a personalized floral arrangement.  No skill required!

Please email the following information so we can send you a quote:

  • Expected number of attendees
  • Preferred day and time for this ~90-minute workshop
  • Type of vase you want (see brochure)
  • Venue location if you will provide your own venue (any bright office, home, restaurant or coffee shop with a table works great). Petal+Eon does have venue options in NYC -- see brochure. 
    • For venues within a 3 hour drive of NYC, Petal+Eon will send a florist to run the event in person.  For venues further away, Petal+Eon will ship a Party Kit.