Birthday, friends night, club event or bat mitzvah

Thank you for your interest in bringing a Petal+Eon flower bar to your party!  Your guests will love this fun DIY experience and will take home a beautiful and eco-friendly memory that will last a year.

Click here for a full overview brochure that will answer most of your questions.

Amazing house party where everyone makes a DIY arrangement that will last a year!

Please email the following information so we can send you a quote:

  • Expected number of attendees
  • Preferred day and time for this ~90-minute workshop
  • Type of vase you want (see brochure)
  • Venue location if you will provide your own venue (any bright office, home, restaurant or coffee shop with a table works great). Petal+Eon does have venue options in NYC -- see brochure. 
    • For venues within a 3 hour drive of NYC, Petal+Eon will send a florist to run the event in person.  For venues further away, Petal+Eon will ship a Home Party Kit.